Who’s in your tree?

So this past Sunday we were told to examine the closest 5 people in our lives and most likely the average of them is what kind of person we were.

YIKES!! I know

So that got me thinking…… This person was saying it for one reason but my mind took ME in a whole other direction. 🙂

So this is my circle and it goes far beyond five people because I want to know a little bit more……

I( Virgo)  find continually these signs;  Aquarius, Cancer, Gemini, and Sagittarius to be apart of  my life some how, some short term and some long, some successful and some not. I’ve moved states away and still ended back in a circle of these signs. Unknowingly too. 

So as I think, let yourself think, and PLEASE share your thoughts with me so we can travel this journey together in hopes to find our own individualized inner peace. Start with your grandparents or parents and siblings, to aunts/uncles/cousins, to friends

/school, to closest coworkers, It’s fun, it’s knowledge and knowledge is power so it must be good. Right?

2014 Full Moon Calendar EST

Per the Farmer’s Almanac


January 15th Full Wolf Moon 11:52 pm
February 14th Full Snow Moon 6:53 pm
March 16th Full Worm Moon 1:08 pm
April 15th Full Pink Moon 3:42 am
May 14th Full Flower Moon 3:16 pm
June 13th Full Strawberry Moon 12:11 am
July 12th Full Buck Moon 7:25 am
August 10th Full Sturgeon Moon 2:09 pm
September 8th Full Harvest Moon 9:38 pm
October 8th Full Hunter’s Moon 6:51 am
November 6th Full Beaver Moon 5:23 pm
December 6th Full Cold Moon 7:27 am

Combating the urge to argue during a full moon

I’m wondering how you all combat the urge to argue during the full moon. Do you try to stay home away from people? And for people with families, do you leave the house to try to spare your loved ones? For people with farms or household pets, do you notice changes in them? Life is so amazingly mysterious. I wonder when we find out all the answers. Some say when we pass, some say when your enlightened,some say when your asleep.  In our house we try to take that time to ourselves, some of us like to fish, hike, go for a run and some of us even schedule some play dates with our friends and there kids. Since we have realized that this is a real life issue  and acknowledge that the energy is….how do I put it,a tid bit thick during this time, things have run a bit more smoother for everyone involved. Now, when we sense things are alittle tense, our first question is, ” When is the full moon?” and 9 out of 10 times its that day or very close. Just a thought. Good evening and good living.

Full Moon 11/10/11

Is everyone paying attention to themselves or others  this week? I sure am, and I have noticed some symptoms starting yesterday morning almost like clock work. It’s so strange but I am stilling following and taking notes . I hope you are too.Let me know. Have a good week!

Going Off the Grid

So after many many months of contemplating this idea, my husband and I have decided to live off the grid, so they call it.

 We have  purchased a home and some land together in a small town in the country. =) We are moving in, in one week and are so excited to start this wonderful, new to us way of life. It is a fixer upper but structurally sound. So we say, what a perfect start but boy do we have our work cut out for us.

We are not going to purchase a refrigerator, and we will have to use electric in the beginning but our goal is by this time next year if not sooner have everything working off solar power, I will be starting some of our fruit trees in doors to jump-start that project, and we are now currently looking for a wood stove for heating instead of the electric.

We have plans to add a couple more bedrooms, a mud room ,pantry, and back porch and eventually would like to replace the wood stove with a fireplace.

There is so much for us to learn but we will take it one day at a time. Next week we will be getting our chicks and maybe some laying hens to help us through the winter while our baby chicks grow.

We plan on having goats,a bull,  a couple of cows,pigs, and eventually a few horses after we get in the swing of things. We’ll have a green house and out-door gardens and fruit bushes and trees.

Our goal is to be as self-sufficient as possible. So we will see how it goes. Wish us luck =) And as I learn so will you. I will be posting along the way. And if I disappear for a minute only know that I will soon return with some exciting new stories of our voyage to a new world!

This was on my New Moon wish list and we signed the papers the day after!

The New Moon is near, now what to do.

To Start:

Sit down in a quiet place with a pen and paper.

Make a list of things you would like to see change in your life. It can be anything from a  change of heart to a new car.

If music relaxes you, play some music. If you like to sit by candle light, light a candle.

After I write my list I like to sleep with it under my pillow until the New Moon. To me, I feel like while I sleep my mind will still be on my list. At the age I am now I am all about change and peace. And boy is it the most difficult voyage I have ever taken, but each day I will try and try and fail some days but keep trying the next.

I have found that life is about failure and without it we would learn very little.

So after you have made your list, you keep it in a safe place and when the New Moon comes you take it out and meditate on the things you have listed for as long as you wish.

I wish everyone well, love, and happiness.