3 Quick Questions

Ok, maybe ten questions at a time is a little to much so I have decided to narrow each survey down to three questions in hopes that I can get more people to paricipate. I had a handful of people that finished the survey ( Thank you Thank you so much =) )  And a couple  of hand fulls and feet fulls to add, started the survey but then did not finish it.

So my first assumption is that it is to long, so let’s see how this will work out. I’m going to try posting three questions at a time and see how people will respond to that. I am sure eventually I will come up with a clever daily title for them but for now 3 Quick Questions, will just have to do.

Here is the link for todays 3 Quick Questions:


Thank you in advance!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Done!

    And good choice to narrow it to three questions!

    1. Thank you! Hopfully it will work out better. =)

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