Does your mood change during the full moon?

Seriously! I personally know someone very close to me that this past year I’ve noticed a mood change during the full moon.(It actually lasts about 3 days,one day before and one day after)And normally this person is pretty cool other wise. It made me wonder if that’s where the stories and movies came up with the werewolf changing during the full moon.

It started to become this pattern of serious uncontrollable irritability around a certain time of the month. (No it’s not a female.) The more I started reading about astrology the more it dawned on me. So one day I decided to confront this person. ” Ok I know this may sound crazy, but do you realize your mood changes during the full moon?” Of corse we laughed for like an hour and made up stories how we were going to have to lock this person up for a night but we now both believe it and prepare for it every mouth.(No,Not by locking them up)but by mental preparing themselves and taking a lot of alone time during this time.

If you think about it our bodies are 75% water, right so if the full moon has an effect on the tide why wouldn’t have an effect on us too.

Some symptoms that I have researched that people have noticed they have around the full moon are:






mood swings

And I’m sure there are many more. Like I said earlier, I myself just took notice to this. Wondering to myself if there is a remedy to this issue. if there is I’m sure i will find it. But for now if you notice a pattern of this, ” Moon Madness” as some would call it, try meditation for a few days and maybe staying to yourself untill it passes.

Well unto further reading, but please email me or comment on your stories I would love to hear them all.

Good Night and Good Full Moon! ( Is it over yet =) )


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  1. living4bliss says:

    I never thought of it until you brought it up. Actually, I am more energized during a full moon. I think it may be because of the additional light.

  2. sachin Arora says:

    yes it happens to me even i was not aware of this for many years but from the past few years i have noticed, i have lots of arguments in this period.

  3. M says:

    I have severe rage and anxiety during a full moon. I can barely stand to be around myself much less anyone else. I noticed that it happens during the full moon from reading my horoscope.

    1. Well they say acknowledgment is the first step. I know people with this same issue and they try to stay to themselves as much as there life allows them to. Also they try to focus on a hobby or some other past time that helps them to naturally work through that time of emotionally upheval. It’s so hard to figure out what works for ourselves but if you can it makes life so much sweeter. Good luck and Good day!

    2. Dani says:

      yep @ M i understand u it happens to me . Around this time my friends and relatives take a back seat. i cant help it.

  4. Dani says:

    The moon really has an effect on me . It started yesterday , depression, mood swing, angry without a reason. Today i was in no mood to attend class , later in the evening i took a walk on my way back i saw the moon. i was amazed , then it dawn on me “oh its must be full moon’ so i decided to see when really it would full and found out it would tomorrow. i”m gonna be gazing at that eclipse later……… Danielle.

  5. I know this might sound a bit crazy but I was consulting in a friend about the effects on us (humans) during the full moon, and they told me that you can have worms and or parasites inside you, and that they become very active during the full moon. They were explaining to me that there are many natural cleanses you can use to cleanse our body of these worms and or parasites. I have been reading more about this, and thinking maybe even for myself, and family we may take this opportunity to cleanse ourselves. Some believe the best time to start a cleanse would be right before the full moon because during the full moon is when they are most active and laying eggs.
    Well Good Luck and Good day!

  6. Brian Alan Morris says:

    You are correct!! My girlfriend is the one who noticed my bad mood, anger, short fuse …Very!!
    Other than that time I am pretty much,{unless I have life’s stresses}happy and in a good mood.
    thank you for your this has helped me realize a lot!

    1. No problem and watch out there are 2 in the month of July. Lucky us! =) Take Care

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