Moon Phases for 2011

        October 2011
First Quarter – October 4, 03:15

Full Moon – October 12, 02:06
Last Quarter – October 20, 03:30
New Moon – October 26, 19:56

      November 2011
First Quarter – November 2, 16:38
Full Moon – November 10, 20:16
Last Quarter – November 18, 15:09
New Moon – November 25, 06:10

    December 2011
First Quarter – December 2, 09:52
Full Moon – December 10, 14:36
Last Quarter – December 18, 00:48
New Moon – December 24, 18:06

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. azncowboy587 says:


    Do you believe the Full Moon has any sort of effect on us physically, emotionally, Mentally???

    1. Yes I do. I actually just started to research it myself this past year by observing someone very close to me. If you have any questions or stories let me know.Do you believe maybe this could be the case with anything going on with you? Many docs. don’t believe it does but there is alot of research out there to prove other wise. Thanks for commenting. =)

  2. living4bliss says:

    This is really interesting. I’ll pay more attention to the moon and my moods.


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