Preparing for the New Moon

So enough with the Full Moon, right? Now let’s concentrate on a new beginning with the New Moon.

Is there something new you’ve been wanting to try? Did you want to quit smoking or stop using a drug of choice? Start a new career or go back to school? Or maybe a new business adventure. Maybe you’ve been thinking about popping the big question, ” Will you marry me?” Whatever it is, the perfect time for it is the New Moon.

As we go through life we move through cycles,right?  Have you ever heard anyone say that,Timing is everything. Well they are absolutly correct.

Any new adventure you want to start or bad habit you want to stop, the New Moon is the perfect time for it. This way by the time the full moon comes you should see the results you are looking for.

But remember also what goes around comes around so if your starting bad habits or in a rut around the New Moon odds are that bad energy will carry out to the full moon also. For example:

Say you are a college student and the New Moon comes around and you have been on the lazy side of studying and right now your having a better time partying, expect for a bad month all together because you go from not keeping up and studying to not being prepared for class and pop quizzes to your energy level going down from being out late and not getting the proper amount of rest.

Did you know that Benjamin Franklin himself used astrology to select the date and time that the Declaration of Independence was signed.

Something to think about don’t you think?

(this picture came from above site)


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