My New Moon “Wish” List

My New Moon “Wish” List

1. To be more assertive

2. To think before I speak

3. Peace

4. Take more time for myself


And a few more that I will keep to myself =)

Tomorrow night October 26th, 2011 @ 7:56pm I’m going to light a candle, get comfortable and focus on my “wish”  list. I will be doing my best thus far to working towards my October New Moon goals.

It’s not about “wishing on a star” it’s about taking the time to sit down and focusing on your own personal goals. And the perfect time to do this is the New Moon, a fresh new start.

So grab a pen and sit down and make a conscious attempt to make a change with in yourself. Change is progression and progression is the future.

Good Luck..God Bless..and Great New Moon


One Comment Add yours

  1. living4bliss says:

    My wish list:

    Manage my time better.

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