Combating the urge to argue during a full moon

I’m wondering how you all combat the urge to argue during the full moon. Do you try to stay home away from people? And for people with families, do you leave the house to try to spare your loved ones? For people with farms or household pets, do you notice changes in them? Life is so amazingly mysterious. I wonder when we find out all the answers. Some say when we pass, some say when your enlightened,some say when your asleep.  In our house we try to take that time to ourselves, some of us like to fish, hike, go for a run and some of us even schedule some play dates with our friends and there kids. Since we have realized that this is a real life issue  and acknowledge that the energy is….how do I put it,a tid bit thick during this time, things have run a bit more smoother for everyone involved. Now, when we sense things are alittle tense, our first question is, ” When is the full moon?” and 9 out of 10 times its that day or very close. Just a thought. Good evening and good living.


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