Who am I ?

So this past Sunday we were told to examine the closest 5 people in our lives and most likely the average of them is what kind of person we were.

YIKES!! I know

So that got me thinking…… This person was saying it for one reason but my mind took ME in a whole other direction. 🙂

So this is my circle and it goes far beyond five people because I want to know a little bit more……

I( Virgo)  find continually these signs;  Aquarius, Cancer, Gemini, and Sagittarius to be apart of  my life some how, some short term and some long, some successful and some not. I’ve moved states away and still ended back in a circle of these signs. Unknowingly too. 

So as I think, let yourself think, and PLEASE share your thoughts with me so we can travel this journey together in hopes to find our own individualized inner peace. Start with your grandparents or parents and siblings, to aunts/uncles/cousins, to friends, school, to closest coworkers.

It’s fun, it’s knowledge and knowledge is power so it must be good. Right?


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