So, Who is in your tree?

whos in your tree

My Immediate Circle 

Myself = Virgo

My Father = Leo, his wife = Aquarius

My Mother = Gemini, her husband = Leo

My daughter from 1st marriage to a Sagittarius = Scorpio

My Husband = Aquarius

His Father = Libra, his wife  = Gemini

His Mother = Aquarius, her husband = Virgo

His children from 1st marriage to a Libra =

Daughter = Cancer

Daughter= Libra

Son = Virgo

Our Three Children

Son = Libra

Son = Libra

Daughter = Cancer

There are so many interesting things that I see with just this little of connections. One thing I though was cool is with my husband. His first marriage It was 2 Libras, 1 Cancer, and 1 Virgo AND now with our marriage its 2 Libras, 1 Cancer, and 1 Virgo.


Either it could be just a coincidence


 the Great Man up stairs has one funny sense of humor………..

I have so many interesting personal observations to share so I hope you stick around and please email or post in the comments your matched information and we’ll take this journey together.

Thank you!


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