Taking a DEEPER look!

Did you ever stop and take a good look at the people around you? Have you ever asked  yourself, ” Why does this keep happening to me? ” Have you ever heard of the, Law of Attraction? The power of positive thinking?

Well, I have and I found some really interesting similarities. It amazes me how a persons day of birth can really tell you something about that persons nature and what is going on inside them. I sat down and started what I call my own personal Zodiac Tree, a lot like your typical Family Tree, and wow. It was crazy what I had found.

I had a lot of questions about  my life and the decisions i have made and how not to make some of the same obstacles for myself next time. So I decided to start to read more into astrology and now I’m hooked and want to research as much as I can.

Some people believe that looking into the stars is some sort of black magic or crazy witch work, but I don’t believe that. I love God. Plus, how do you think the wise men found baby Jesus….. So, I honestly believe that the stars are our own personal internal map, we just have to learn how to read it.

I could go on, but for now I won’t.

You may be thinking, Ok,whats the point, but I have found that this map can be the very key to being just a little bit more successful in your career, love relationships, and friendships. I believe it helps you to coexist with others better by learning to be more empathetic.

Thank you =) for reading and Good Evening!


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  1. larryfeltonj says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving the nice comment! I’m following yours now.

  2. living4bliss says:

    Getting a 404 error on your newest post.

    I’m looking forward to reading it. Try reposting.

  3. Very interesting topic you’ve chosen!

    I don’t follow my horoscope, I choose to ask God what decisions I should make, rather than what someone else has written based on a so called ‘sign’.

    I do agree that God created the stars and the heavens, though, and that they can be signs for us. Have you ever read The Gospel in the Stars by Joseph Seiss, or The Witness in the Stars by E.W. Bullinger? Some interesting insight to consider about the Zodiac 🙂

    1. Thank you for your response! 😃 It’s always a good thing to go to our Heavenly Father first. I feel though he strategically built our world to provide us with the tools we would need to lead a successful, righteous, more self sufficient life.
      I will definitely check out those titles, Thank you again.

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