I love how nature can be so soothing to my spirit.

What would happen if we did more of the things that felt natural to us?

First, we would have to really listen (observe) to recognize what feels natural to us.

( what is mentally, physically and spiritually good for us)


Not just what we prefer or like.

What soothes your soul?





Full moon approaching

With the full moon approaching, anyone feeling a little different? Please, share your stories.

Some things that could feel intensified.

Heightened anxiety

Increased tantrums

Increased mood swings

Increased depression

Uncontrollable cryfests

Break downs

The list could go on………

For myself, I have noticed that I have been super anxious this full moon around…

What about you?




Mullein hanging

On my journey I met a lot of people that in some way used a more natural way of living, healing and everyday health and wellness. We became friends with one couple that the wife had been a practicing herbalist for over 25 years. She went from prescribing medications to healing with everyday wild herbs and teaching about them as well.

The first herb I learned about was Mullein ( Verbascum Thapsus) . Such a great herb and so many uses too. From natural toilet paper to a common necessity for your medicine cabinet. This herb is definitely a must in our home.

Here’s just a few of it’s wonderful uses I have learned about through personal experience, books, Google, YouTube and friends;

  • Fights, kills and breaks up the Flu/cold and symptoms
  • Bronchitis
  • Diarrhea
  • Asthma
  • Migraines
  • Ear Infections
  • wounds
  • and many more

     When the first signs of a serious cold show, we quickly steep a cup of Mullein Tea. My favorite way to drink it is with a little raw honey and a slice of lemon.



So, Who is in your tree?

whos in your tree

My Immediate Circle 

Myself = Virgo

My Father = Leo, his wife = Aquarius

My Mother = Gemini, her husband = Leo

My daughter from 1st marriage to a Sagittarius = Scorpio

My Husband = Aquarius

His Father = Libra, his wife  = Gemini

His Mother = Aquarius, her husband = Virgo

His children from 1st marriage to a Libra =

Daughter = Cancer

Daughter= Libra

Son = Virgo

Our Three Children

Son = Libra

Son = Libra

Daughter = Cancer

There are so many interesting things that I see with just this little of connections. One thing I though was cool is with my husband. His first marriage It was 2 Libras, 1 Cancer, and 1 Virgo AND now with our marriage its 2 Libras, 1 Cancer, and 1 Virgo.


Either it could be just a coincidence


 the Great Man up stairs has one funny sense of humor………..

I have so many interesting personal observations to share so I hope you stick around and please email or post in the comments your matched information and we’ll take this journey together.

Thank you!

Who am I ?

So this past Sunday we were told to examine the closest 5 people in our lives and most likely the average of them is what kind of person we were.

YIKES!! I know

So that got me thinking…… This person was saying it for one reason but my mind took ME in a whole other direction. 🙂

So this is my circle and it goes far beyond five people because I want to know a little bit more……

I( Virgo)  find continually these signs;  Aquarius, Cancer, Gemini, and Sagittarius to be apart of  my life some how, some short term and some long, some successful and some not. I’ve moved states away and still ended back in a circle of these signs. Unknowingly too. 

So as I think, let yourself think, and PLEASE share your thoughts with me so we can travel this journey together in hopes to find our own individualized inner peace. Start with your grandparents or parents and siblings, to aunts/uncles/cousins, to friends, school, to closest coworkers.

It’s fun, it’s knowledge and knowledge is power so it must be good. Right?

2014 Full Moon Calendar EST

Per the Farmer’s Almanac


January 15th Full Wolf Moon 11:52 pm
February 14th Full Snow Moon 6:53 pm
March 16th Full Worm Moon 1:08 pm
April 15th Full Pink Moon 3:42 am
May 14th Full Flower Moon 3:16 pm
June 13th Full Strawberry Moon 12:11 am
July 12th Full Buck Moon 7:25 am
August 10th Full Sturgeon Moon 2:09 pm
September 8th Full Harvest Moon 9:38 pm
October 8th Full Hunter’s Moon 6:51 am
November 6th Full Beaver Moon 5:23 pm
December 6th Full Cold Moon 7:27 am